Insulation rockwool

ROCKWOOL was founded in 1909 and is headquartered in Denmark

Dry Mixes

quick-mix is an international manufacturing company specializing in premium

Fibercement panels

TD LTM LLC produces high-quality ecologically clean fibrecement panels for

Aluminum perforated façade

KASSO ENGINEERING, is an Turkish engineering and fabrication company that is

Ceramic Facade tiles

The Made in FlorimThe pursuit of beauty is part of humans’ genetic

Clinker bricks & Slips

Clinker bricks and clinker brick slips for the facade, clay roof tiles and


HPL (High Preasure Laminate)

VIVIX® solid phenolic, engineered exterior façade panels by Formica

Terracotta Facade

At Tempio, we manufacture ventilated facade systems for new or renovated