White Hills — Concrete finishing materials

White Hills has been a leading manufacturer of artificial stone, thin-walled bricks, tiles and stairs in Russia since 2004.

The products of the brand are presented in a diverse range, which corresponds to the level of production of the best quality artificial stone in the world.

White Hills cladding material is recommended for interior and exterior for residential, public, industrial and commercial buildings.

The manufactured product is distinguished by different texture, color and shape, which makes it possible to create the most accurate imitation of natural stone through the latest production technology.

Сандерлэнд Фьорд Лэнд Кросс Фелл Уорд Хилл Уайт Клиффс

Тиволи Шербон Бремар Ленстер Шинон

Кельн Брик Терамо Брик Торн Брик Брюгге Брик Бремен Брик

Тевиот Шеффилд Данвеган Рутланд Рока




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