Concrete finishing materials

We are one of the leading Russian manufacturers of experienced decorative stone, thin-walled brick, paving tiles, stucco and a little architectural decoration. Assortment and quality of productions correspond to the quality of the best peacock producers experienced stone. All White Hills tiling materials are recommended for the implementation of internal and disassembled tiling work in living, public and production buildings, as well as commercial building designations.

Light veggies and magnificent decorative properties allow production to be successfully applied even during the reconstruction of buildings and renovations.

Our company adheres to the following principles in its work:

lucshee na rynke kachestvo productions;
wide assortment of various invoices;
competitive prices;
гибкая system logistics;
Orientation to a mutually beneficial joint venture;
reliability, fullness and timeliness of setting.
In the meantime, we will set up our own production company and corporation in all of Russia and for other regions. Arrange our partners:

RDI Group;
Ronson Group
and others.
Not so big companies prefer to see us in their partners, the dealer set of companies White Hills represents a room with more than 300 trade points per week.

Кроме того, с 2006 года продукция White Hills Exported to foreign countries ЕС.

At the time of the opening of the representative office in Vienna (Austria), a dealer network is being developed in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Latvia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Moldova and.

Selecting a stone, the client in the first eye pays attention to its kind. Accuracy and reliability of works on the surface of decorative stone - determining factors for purchases.

White Hills Production features a high frequency of invoices. We are very excited to see the exact imitations of natural stone, using the latest production technologies. White Hills runs a wide-ranging advertising campaign on its own website, as well as in periodicals, such as:

Кирпичные коллекции White Hills

Кирпичные коллекции White Hills Кирпичные коллекции White Hills

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