The culture and passion for wood pushed Pierino Giorio in 1969to found what would become one of the major Italian companies active in the sector of natural flooring and furnishings. Giorio fine parquet, born from the best craftsmanship tradition, today are synonymous with interior design, architecture, furniture and luxury finishes, but also with sports flooring. Already in the seventies and eighties the quality and passion for materials of the Giorio family and its selected collaborators generated the classic word of mouth among satisfied customers. An indirect promotion of the brand that fits perfectly with the times of the national economic recovery and the awakening of the construction sector. Within a few years Giorio is already a successful brand that sees its volume of business and work grow exponentially.

An expansion controlled and followed step by step by the owners, who take care of every choice in detail, maintaining the excellence of the sector. Each floor branded Giorio becomes a real work of design, able to make any environment warm and beautify. Giorio soon found himself facing a real internal reorganization, from a small artisan reality to a real group of companies. From the parent company Giorio was born after a few decades Alma , the brand of wooden floors that immediately manages to cross national borders.

Giorio Casa , a brand with a clear international vocation, was developed for the interior design and architecture sector . Giorio Casa soon arrives in China, in Beijing, and gives life to the Villusso project .

Parquet has always been synonymous with indoor sports, in particular disciplines such as basketball, volleyball or five-a-side football, with millions of facilities, practitioners and fans all over the world. Giorio thus chooses to specialize also in the field of sports flooring and launches the Adisportfloor brand on the market , which immediately stands out for the quality and performance offered to the athletes who tread it.

For the traditional internal market, a Flagship Store is opened in the beating heart of Milan, in the center, a few steps from the Arco della Pace. It is the baptism of an exhibition area that is not only the showcase for parquet made in Giorio, but a space for the promotion of the major Italian furniture brands.

With the acquisition of a new plant in the Hungarian soil " Terra da Bosco ", Giorio srl places the emphasis on the production of wooden floors, in particular, stratified, classic designs and traditional blocks.



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