Art Parquet

"We know everything about the parquet!
The Artparket company specializes in the development and sale of wooden products for interior decoration. We carry out complex interior design "from floor to ceiling", provide services for the creation of design projects and installation work.

Our range of products includes art, modular and block parquet, solid board, wooden doors, ceilings, wall panels and much more.

The history of the company dates back to 1999. A small team of like-minded people set out to revive the rich traditions of parquetry in the country, striving to meet the growing demand for exclusive artistic parquet.

Now we offer a comprehensive solution to all problems related to the design, production and installation of parquet floors and wood interiors. Thanks to the full cycle work - from logging to the delivery of the finished object - we can guarantee the full technical feasibility of projects of any complexity in a short time.

An integrated approach to project implementation has been at the heart of the company since its inception, allowing it to be one of the most influential in the field of architecture and design. "

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