Ventilated Façade Systems

Today's building technology allows us to give building facades a modern look, as well as implement some of the most complex and innovative architectural designs. It is becoming more and more common to use ventilated rainscreen facades in place of more traditional cladding, because of their well-known set of advantages over so-called wet cladding.

ZIAS was founded in 2002, and at that time the company specialized in the development and manufacturing of complex, nonstandard equipment for metal processing. In 2005, we developed and released a line of cold stamped brackets, after which we built a workshop for metal profile rolling. Today, 10 years later, we have over 20 lines devoted to the manufacture of variously configured architectural molding, lines for the production of parts used in our facade systems, a polymer workshop, and our own project group for the development of technical documentation, and accounting for work projects. We also manufacture mill equipment, angle cutters, and reamers, and of course, we won't stop there. We are constantly working to develop new equipment, such as in 2011, when we launched our “Maxima” line of ventilated rainscreen facade systems, which are attached to buildings via the intermediate ceilings/floors. Our highly qualified specialists are always available for technical support and consultation at all stages of work, from design to delivery.

ZIAS is one of the largest Russian producers of ventilated rainscreen facade systems, ZIAS is 10 years of experience and hundreds of completed projects, ZIAS is quality that we will be answered for.

ZIAS has a broad product line of ventilated rainscreen facade systems for the cladding of buildings with stoneware and fiber-reinforced cement tiles, cassette panels, composite panels, siding, and other types of cladding material.

ЗИАС - Фасасадные системы

ЗИАС - Фасасадные системы ЗИАС - Фасасадные системы