Modular felt ceiling system

Hunter Douglas Architectural created the ceiling that needed to be made: HeartFelt®. A modular felt ceiling system with unparalleled acoustic and visual properties. Eye and ear-pleasing design with a sustainable origin.

Why HeartFelt®?

HeartFelt® is an innovative, patented product that turns every ceiling into a visual and acoustic playground. HeartFelt® linear felt ceiling panels are available in round and box-shaped panels, and can easily be clipped to the specially designed carriers.
In addition to the box-shaped panels in a height of 55mm, the grey tones are also available for the box-shaped panels in heights of 80mm and 105mm, and the round panels in a height of 64mm.
The modular system along with a wide range of options in terms of colour and height offer designers a host of design options and variations.

  • Great acoustic performance;
  • Five different grey tones and five earth tones for a warm ambience;
  • Available in heights of 55, 64, 80 and 105 mm;
  • Easy installation and low risk for damages;
  • 100% recyclable or easily reusable;
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze (Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM is a certification mark licensed by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute);
  • Easy to maintain: dirt and dust resistant.

HeartFelt® is suitable for most building sectors: Corporate, Retail, Leisure, Public space,  Hospitality, Healthcare, Education or Residential.


Health and wellbeing

Hunter Douglas contributes to sustainable buildings through aesthetic solutions that enhance comfort and save energy. Promoting health and wellbeing of their occupants is arguably the most important function of buildings. Buildings are not constructed just to be energy efficient. Their shading solutions promote the use of healthy daylight without the hindrances of glare and thermal discomfort. Acoustic ceilings are a key element in the provision of acoustic comfort.

Sound materials

Environmentally sound materials are key to sustainable buildings. Hunter Douglas' strategy is to pick materials that have good environmental properties to start with. Many of their products are made of aluminum produced in thier own smelters. Company optimized their processes to use up to 99% of recycled content to produce the right alloy for their products. Hunter Douglas' wood is FSC certified and they embrace the Cradle to CradleTM principle in their product development.

Energy savings

Reducing the energy use of the total building stock is key to the prevention of global warming. Most modern office buildings use more energy for cooling than heating. Effectively managing the solar energy that passes through the transparent part of the façade is a key strategy in the prevention of overheating in both old and new buildings. Hunter Douglas' high performance shading solutions bring substantial energy savings, while at the same time promoting health and wellbeing.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Keen on Green is an important company-wide initiative to reduce energy consumption, water usage and our overall carbon-footprint. Hunter Douglas embraces the ISO 14001 framework to actively manage our Keen on Green objectives.