Florim — Ceramic granite tiles

Porcelain stone tiles have been created in Florim for more than 60 years. Their technique combines creative instinct and the most modern production technology. In the Florim world, design and sustainability are two closely interlinked concepts. The main product lines of Florim Group are Floor Gres, Rex, Cerim, Casamood and Cedit.

Floor Gres — a historical brand with a rational design. Thanks to the wide range of products, it is best suited for medium and high load surfaces.

Cerim is the most functional, versatile, modern and dynamic answer to your needs. It interprets different types of natural materials such as wood, cement, stone and more.

Rex is the face of elegance, luxury and glamor. It is distinguished by material that is rare, precious and intimately connected to mankind’s way of life.

Casamood is an eclectic expression of elegant harmony that combines porcelain tiles, glass mosaics and various elements of art. It has been an essential part of the Florim team since 2005.

Cedit creates a unique language, expressed in five words. C – Culture, E – Ethics, D – Design, I – Identity, T – Talent.